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How to make a a tutu from plastic bags Answered

My 13 year old would like to make a fairy costume using recycled materials.  Any ideas, suggestions, preventative thoughts are appreciated!  Best, EB


Try this Instructable.

No, I didn't find it with a search :-) Someone had included it in a screen shot on a forum posting!

Make a belt from plastic bags twisted into a rope, then cut many many other plastic bags into strips about six inches wide, and knot the strips around the belt in the center of the strip, so that the loose ends dangle out away from the body. Repeat until you have attained the desired fullness. Using pinking shears to cut the strips would be a nice touch. To wear, just tie the belt on.

Make a tiara from cardboard and aluminum foil, and decorate with colored bottle caps.

Make a wing outline from coat hangers and cover with dry cleaning bags or shrink wrap. Attach to the base costume with safety pins.