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How to make a air raid siren? ? Answered

Mainly want to know about the secton that makes the sound , impeller and stator,


Do you mean a modern-day electronic air raid siren or one of the military hand cranked type?

Mainly looking at the hand cranked type. thanks

I found several resources through Google... Here's one from eHow. Does that help, or do you need more detailed schematics?

This web site is quite use full ,,,, If you find any other info about the 'stator' and ' impeller' ,,, Which is the tube section on them with slits cut out

Did you look at the link in my comment below? They explain where they got the stator and how they modified an impeller for the siren if that helps. Plus at the bottom of the page, they've charted two price points in creating a siren.

yes I did.. In that they use an existing siren and just modified ,, What i am trying to do is produce one from scratch rather than modify.

I'll let you know if I see something, but finding the information to make this entirely from scratch may be difficult.