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How to make a celtic heart knot out of wire for someone that hasn't worked with wire before? Answered

I have never done any wire crafting but i want to make my friend a gift of maybe a Celtic heart knot made of wire. I figure wire would be the easiest to work with. if anyone has any ideas of where i should start....?



Best Answer 8 years ago

First of all, know that these things rarely look beautiful the first time around - you may have to do this two or three times to get it just right.  My first  suggestion would be to decide on a design.  There is a ton of celtic clipart out there.  If you can, print it out the size you want, or hand sketch it onto a piece of paper.  For the actual bending part, you will need to decide whether you need tighter loops or rounder loops.  Look for things around your house that can create these sized loops - nails, pencils, even tp rolls, depending on how big we are talking.  Now fix/glue your picture on a base like foam or cardboard or a block of wood or anything study.  This is going to be your template.  Fix your objects to your base where your loops are.  Then, follow the design (to the best of your ability) with your wire.  Your objects should give you the curves in the design fairly well, although you may have to adjust your design as you go.  After you wrap all of your wire (and unless what you're making is really big, I would say go w/ 16 guage or thinner wire so that it bends easily), you can keep your design from falling apart by taking a thin guage wire (say 22 - 24) and wrapping it around your design in little areas to hold your bits of wire together.  If you have three leyers of wire side by side, for example, just take your thin wire and go around them a couple times.  Just make sure to tuck in your ends so that they don't catch.  A pair of crafting pliers may be helpful, but is not necessary.  I am assuming that your design is more of a looped design, but you could make this work too with a longer, thinner, braided design.  Good luck!

i was thinking of an shape like the following

and i was either thinking pendent size or larger size around the size of maybe 2 pieces of standard 8 and a half by 11 pages.

well the thing here is your'e going to have to have beginnng and an end, because even though celtic designs don't, your wire will.  The fortunate thing is that you can make it a hidden end since you are the artist.  If you were going to make a template to wrap this around, your points are in the shape of a six-sided star (a star of david).  I think your best bet (althoug you could certainly vary this), if you didn't want to do this free-form, would be to get a scrap of wood big enough to fit your design, use some sort of tracer to trace your two triangles (one upside down and one rightside up, overlapped, to make you six sided star), and then put a nail into each point.  Then you have points to wrap your wire around.  The curves of the top of the heart are gentler than the others, so put a tp roll over your nail so you get a rounder curve.  Then follow your pattern to wrap the wire.  You can start & end your piece of wire on an "underlapping" part so it isn't as visible.  Your design might even look better if you take the wire around for a second turn.  It would be thicker, and therefore look more like the picture, and also be sturdier.