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How to make a conveyor belt with no wood or metal? Answered


I am a student who is working on a project.
I was wondering if there was a way to create a conveyor belt with no wood or metal?
The biggest concern for me is the motor.



Helium-filled balloon(s) netted together with a lightweight paper gondola (basket) which holds the egg.

From Kelseymh's idea I am pretty sure I can make an arhcimedes screw out of cardboard. My Only problem is that it would need a crank to cause the revolutions. I am not allowed to keep touching my system and I am not allowed to use metal or wood. Any ideas of what to use instead of me moving the crank? Thanks

Use gravity to power it - A long string wrapped round the shaft with a weight on the other end.

For an engineering graduate your not displaying much imagination.

Who said I was an engineering graduate? I'm still in high school?

Here's a interesting idea -- take a look at the K'Nex "ball mover" projects here on Instructables. There are dozens of them, with lots of different designs. If you have (or have access to) a supply of K'Nex, you should be able to adapt one of them to your problem. Either a "roller coaster" conveyor belt, or an Archimedes' screw, or an elevator; they should all be able to do the job.

I was looking at the achimedes screw. I think Knex calls it a hand drill. The designs I've seen on youtube use some sort of a motor. Is there a way of creating the screw without one? Also I do not have access to any K'Nex so I am concerned about the cost as well as having enough time to obtain the K"nex. Are there any department stores that sell K'nex because it takes a long time to ship items from where I am from.

Most large toy stores (like Toys'R'Us) carry it. However, my understanding is that it's pretty expensive, so you may not want to try to make something where you have to buy a lot. Instead, try using the designs you see as inspiration. For example, an Archimedes' screw could be built using half a PVC pipe as the base, and making the screw by winding cardboard in a helix around a shaft.

Yeah, I have already made a prototype. I just used some glass jars and a peice of rock as instead of a egg to see if it works it does. The only problem is rotating the thing without my hand. I was thinking of using elastic bands but the problem is that the number of revolutions (wind up) of the elastic band would have to be quite high. Is there any other way?

Can't you use your hand to crank it? The rules you described said you couldn't touch the egg. Why not set up a couple of gears, so that you can turn the crank and drive the shaft of the screw? Failing that, you can use a rubber-band set up (like one of those wind-up airplanes), but you'll want to use a reduction gearing system or the screw will spin too fast.

Wouldn't the gears be made out of metal though?

Wooden gears are easy to make. Efficient wooden gears, not so much.

Start by designing the conveyer belt, then replace all metal and wood with plastic, then replace the motor with Ginny pigs.

Not necessarily! K'Nex uses plastic for everything, as does LEGO. All kinds of consumer products use plastic gears, and many hobby stores or craft stores sell them.

Put the egg in an empty yoghurt cup (or use an egg old enough that it floats). Put it in the bucket. Fill the bucket with water and watch the egg swim up. No metal. Mission accomplished.

The only problem is the egg will be a new egg so it will probably sink. (I can't request to use my own egg) It is also an extra large egg, if that makes a difference. Also I would need some device to get it out of the water.

Okay, so you'll need a boat like container to make it float. Of course, it won't go over the top of the bucket and it is not immediately repeatable for the next egg, but it should get some points for simplicity ;-)

NOW you describe the problem. Sigh, Telepathy is so tiring you know.

Lift the egg on a stream of air
Wrap a string around the egg and then pull it up an incline.

I was thinking of using compressed air to lift the egg or make some type of pneumatic engine that would act as a motor. The problem is that the the can has metal componenents.
Unfortunately I am not allowed to touch the egg

*sniff* *sniff* Mmmmm....I love the smell of homework in the morning. It smells like victory.

Yeah it is. I'm doing my very first engineering course so I'm not very used to this :)

It's considered good form to be honest that you are asking for help with a school assignment, rather than expecting someone else to do your work for you while you turn it in calling it your own.

This is a very common project in both undergrad mechanical engineering courses, and even at high-school level. Did you do a simple Google search on "egg conveyor", maybe including some of the materials you are considering?

Oops sorry, I didn't realize that.
I was just hoping for some ideas.
It is my first time posting on here, is there a way I can edit my post to say that i'm a student?
I tried googling but the problem was everything that came up had wood or metal. And when I looked for stuff without it there was nothing.

That's cool -- thank you much for following up! We get a fair number of students asking for "help" who get surprisingly offended when we don't give them a complete solution without any work :-/

Anyway, you can definitely edit the posting -- there should be a yellow-ish box to the right which says "Author Options". Click the [Edit] button and you can modify the text as you wish.

I see what you mean about Googling. There's stuff about commercial (factory) egg conveyors, but not about lifting eggs as a school project.

You might consider adding both the fact that this is a project, and also that you did the obvious searches without result. I'll post a top-level reply with my own suggestion.

Without wood or metal what are you thinks of making say the frame from? Or the belt?

Conveyors depending on the length need a very hefty motor, friction can be considerable.

I need to move an egg from the ground to a higher point (top of a bucket) without breaking it.
I thought of using PVC or peices of bamboo (because for some reason i can use it).

Do you mean absolutely no wood or metal (e.g. no motors or screws and bolts) or do you just mean that you don't have the tools to make parts out of metal and wood? What and how are you trying to convey (weight, size, speed, etc.)?

If you want to metal or wood at all then you will have to power it using something like a plastic water wheel in a stream or river.
If are just trying to avoid fabricating with metal or wood then you will need an appropriately spec'd motor and it's controls, rollers, and a belt. Depending on what you are trying to move you can get plastic or cardboard tubes to use as rollers and fabric will probably be your easiest material for the belt. That or a rubber-like material.

Absolutle no wood or metal. I can use metal or wood toolds though.
I am trying to move a egg from the floor to a point (top of a bucket) without touching it.