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How to make a dado set? Answered

Good morning teacher,

Can I make a dado set using several saw blades only separated by rubber discs to avoid slippery?

Thank you!!,

Raul (From Brazil)

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-03-13

They make dado stacks with and without rubber spacers. The ones I show don't have spacers, relying on the arbor bolt to hold the blades in place when in use.

Always consult the instructions for your particular dado stack to ensure proper installation and use.

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RaulF22 (author)mikeasaurus2017-03-13
crazypj (author)2017-08-31

I trained as a precision machinist (many many years ago) Paper and cardboard are actually better than rubber as they doesn't compress as much plus, when everything is tightened up, it stays tight. You need card that isn't treated or printed on one side (no cereal boxes)

I only recently discovered dado stacks are not available in many countries due to safety concerns so a DIY with saw blades would be the only option. Use 3" steel washers and cardboard shims 3"dia to prevent things moving independently. Set up so carbide teeth will 'slide past' each other if things do move. (just to make sure you don't get carbide 'bullets' if they should 'creep' during use

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