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How to make a hand held billing device using arduino/any processor used in hotels? Answered

Please give me details of above project. I'm exhausted in searching  on internet as there is no clue of that device working/schematics etc.Thanks in advance.....


Motel 3 only takes cash... Look up POS or point of sale systems, especially for hotels. Portable thermal printers or small client devices?

I don't want any payment system.It should just print a slip that i type with a keypad

@caitlinsdad please help

print a slip that you type with a keypad?

How bout using a 10 key printing calculator?

I write "I.O.U $<insert amount here and lots of zeros>" all the time with a pen. Can I get a receipt for taxes?

just stay out of the mini fridge in the hotel... and quit using up all the toilet paper, that stuff doesn't grow on trees!

Make sure you check the brand first, even da bears don't like Poison Oak or the Cactus one...wait, that's standard issue.

Point of Sale is the term used to describe any billing, inventory, charge, and payment system. Focus in on the "hospitality" business for your hotel. There is too much info out there to figure out what you need. Are you just looking to make a wireless arduino controlled printer that communicates with a billing system or app? Look at adafruit.com for "internet of things" and their tutorials for their portable printers.

Thank you soo much i have found the solution.Really appreciate your answer that i found it.....Hurraaay :D

okay that's fine thanks for your reply again :). what i want to do is to make a simple mini printer which takes input from a small 4*3 keypad and all stuff should fit in my hand.The prints also should be just like small slips of 4*4(cm) or similar size.