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How to make a homemade axe? Answered

I need to know how to make a homemade axe badly pl tell



Best Answer 8 years ago

check out my latest video its a homemade axe if you read the comments it will tell you how to make it i might be able to send you some supplies like the steel

Don't do things like this, you'll give people the impression you're indulging in self-publicity and they'll get annoyed. L

Well either/both of you. Some people around here would say this smells of spam.


in what way is this spam? he asked 2 questions and he rang me up to see if i can answer for him

Why post the questions and then ring you?
It looks like the questions were posted and answered seconds later to highlight your stuff.
I'm saying that people may see it this way. If you've got the answers Sharleston Cat should speak to you more often!


we was good friends he phones me all hte time to ask questions but this time i was out so he asked on here but he rang on my mob