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How to make a journal/book look really old/vintage? Answered

Hi! I am working on a gift for my girlfriend and need some advice.... I am making a journal that is supposed to look old, aging the paper is not a problem and I found some fonts I can use...but... - printing on aged paper does not make the text look old! How can I make the printing look old? - also the printing looks too regular, not like handwritten. How can I achieve a more irregular look? Thanks! Fypsigon btw...handwriting is not an option, at least not my own....


My daughter had to do a journal for school from the 1400's. We tea dyed the paper. I you are trying to make the writing look old I would print on a paper then tea dye it. If that doesn't work tea dye it, put it in the oven for 5 mins at 200 degrees write on it then take a tea bag and try to smear it. I had her just write the pages since they didn't have PCs or pewriters then. I also accidentally broke a tea bag in the process of dyeing it but it made it look even better. For the cover we sued thick cardboard and old fashioned fabric ($1 rement at walmart) and then added ribbon in the middle of the whole book cover so it could be tied closed. Mind you, this was for the 5th grade, not a gift. And she got an A+!


5 years ago

make a tub of tea and soak the paper in side. after 5-6 mins, take it out for drying.

P.S write what you want 1st then soak the paper.

staining it with a used, instant coffee bag works pretty well.

There are quite a few sites that you can download free fonts from, and there are many, many antique looking fonts out there. Try 1001fonts.com. That is my personal favorite.

My best method for aging paper is by staining it with coffee. What I did was brush the coffee on to the paper. You may apply several layers according to your taste. This gives the paper an antique/vintage look. For an additional impression, you may also want to crumple the paper and burn the sides or borders of your page. (Just imagine those old treasure maps. ) You may also want to use "Papyrus" as your font and Italic as your font style. I hope you try this and I hope this would impress your girlfriend.

try paperhacks.com not my site but they are verry helpful