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How to make a miniature fantasy landscape? Answered

From trees to inhabitens, from little villages to flying capitels.



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Start by learning how railroad modelers do it.  Read up on the techniques, tools, and the methods they use. I t should then just be a small step to adapting their knowledge base to suit your needs.
Here is a start:

I was going to say that, but you said it first.

So +1.

 I build such things using mostly polymer clay.  You can make just about anything from polymer clay.  

My most recent project was a miniature terrarium made using polymer clay, a glass dome, some wire, seed beads, glue, acrylic craft paint, and silk plant parts.  

I made a base of polymer clay that looked like a woodgrain platform.  On top of that I made a base of "moss" made from polymer clay.  I then made some ferns by using wire and cutting out "leaves" from silk plant leaves.  I made an orchid plant using polymer clay and wire.  I made little mushrooms using head pins and seed beads.  I finished off with a bit of details pained with acrylic paint.  

Anyway, I hope that helps!  Good luck with your project!  Oh and if you do end up creating a fantasy landscape, I'd love to see it!  Email me at QueenQuill@gmail.com.  Thanks!  

Oh, and who are you? The question doesn't give a username because it's anonymous... We can be friends! Yay!

This looks like a great movie. See the trailer for some inspiration!

I've always wanted to build a living fantasy world, with real plants.

Wow! You and me think alike!