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How to make a mold Answered

Hi there! :)
In a couple of weeks I'll receive my first 3D printing! I'm so excited about it!

One of my first projects I would print is a Flower Pot and... I'd also like to print a mold of this Flower Pot but I have a question:
> First check the image of the Flower Pot dsign<
How should be the design of the mold to allow me to make a new models with concrete (cement). I don't know how to solve the holes.
Look, if I do with two external parts and one internal part... how can I do the holes and after take out the mold?

I will think more about it but, if you have any idea... it's going to be great read it!!
Thanks a lot!! =)

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Kitus87 (author)2017-05-27

I printed the Flower Pot in my new 3D printer!! :D
I would like to make this pot by clay or cement, but I don't know how to des-mold it because the holes. Any idea?

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Kitus87 (author)2017-03-25

I have to add here the image, I couldn't do it on the main description

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ThirdEarthDesign (author)2017-03-23

Probably worth checking out the Mold Making & Casting Class here on Instructables, have no mold making experience myself, but I would start here:


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Downunder35m (author)2017-03-22

No pics but a lot of Instructables about all sorts of mold making.
Including lost wax, lost PLA and such things....

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