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How to make a mp3 car horn? Answered

I have only seen one consumer product on the market and it retails about $200.
I'm not up for spending that much for what seems like such a simple goal.

Is there some kind of  MP3 chipset/micro-controller with a USB input where you can load a .mp3 onto a flash drive (or onboard memory) and then wire it up to a speaker/horn?

This all seems really simple in writing but is this something one could actually do?



1 year ago

Resurrecting an ancient thread but...

For those that come across this page, looking for a DIY MP3 car horn or sound I found this how to soundboard using raspberry pi.

It would work perfectly coupled with a nice megaphone horn or something similar and would give you buttons for each custom sound.


Horntones FX-550 can be found at www.horntones.com

Get an electronic megaphone/bullhorn from Ebay
and replace its microphone with an audio plug
that will plug into an mp3 player.
The higher the wattage on the bullhorn, ,the louder it will be.
I saw some 25 and 50 wattt models for sale.

Are you sure that it will accept it If I just unsolder the microphone and switch it with a input module?


5 years ago

look on myxer.com for a free download


5 years ago

How about checking out doorbells. Some of those have programmable "ring tones" and it sounds like that is all you are really looking for. You would have to get a power inverter but those are pretty cheap now.