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How to make a mummy costume Answered

Hi, I am a public school teacher in the Atlanta area.  I am desperately seeking sites where my students can download free images.  squirrelnet directed me to your site for a toilet paper mummy.  However, I cannot use your great pictures there because there is a man on a motorcycle with his middle finger raised.  Is there any portion of your site where I can direct my students to a "safe zone?"  I don't think that picture, although cute for the adult crowd, is really necessary.  The other photos are spectacular. 

Here we are, just public school teachers, trying to get a little help.  Don't condemn me for being "fussy."  I am the least fussy person you could meet, but keeping my job means finding safe stuff on the internet for my students.  And remember, most of you owe your jobs to a set of caring teachers.

Optomistic teacher


а че там трудного? намотал бинтом вот и мумия тебе

I've flagged the offending image, but just a reminder that images on this site remain the copyright of the author that uploaded them (see 7a), although they may have granted the license for anybody to copy them - you need to check what license a project has been published under before simply helping yourself to the content.

This applies, of course, to any website, not just Instructables.