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How to make a plank floor out of wood pallets for a mobile home? Answered

Need step-wise process on how to make a wood floor out of wood pallets for a mobilehome. I have a wood sub-floor?


do i need to put a tongue and groove on it if i'm laying it on concrete

Like Lemonie says, but if you can beg borrow or steal a planer thicknesser you'll get a better result faster. You have to be absolutely paranoid about nails in the old pallets whether you sand or plane - but a planer will make all your boards consistently thick, and you will need only a skim with a sander to bring up the final surface. One kicker to note is that pallet nails are often ring shanked and glue coated pulling them can be REALLY hard.

Nails -- or bits of fence or other inclusions -- are always a lurking hazard to a planer. There are small metal detectors available which you can use to do a pre-scan; if whoever you're borrowing the thickness planer from has one they'll probably _insist_ you borrow it too, to protect their tool. If they don't, you might want to buy one yourself (they aren't all that expensive) , and if you don't need it after the project is done give it to them as "rent" on the machine. I hate wasting (sometimes surprisingly nice) hardwood... but if I was in a hurry, I'd be tempted to just cut away the nailed sections.

The idea of wasting the wood I hated so much I didn't suggest it :-) Perhaps I ought to write up a passthrough metal detector as an instructable..... My dad used to design them nearly 50 years ago to detect a pin head in a bale of cotton.

You need to pull the pallets apart, it's a foot on the bottom, and pull the top action. You might find it helps to pry them apart with a bar, or knock them a part with a big hammer. Once you've done that you'll have nails sticking out of the planks, tap the sharp ends with a hammer so that the come out backwards. How you lay the planks is up to you and your existing floor. You'd then want to run a sander over the floor and varnish it. L