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How to make a really sturdy, useable cardboard helmet for little kids? Answered

As an artist, a teacher and a nana, I'd like to find a creative and sturdy method for creating helmet to protect their little brains before they get into the real stuff like skateboarding when they'll need a real helmet...


Kids have been climbing and falling for a long time - if they're doing activities that really need helmets, then get them a helmet, until then, (not to tell you how to parent them) - just let them play :D Sports - probably a helmet. Horsing around? no helmet :P I really feel that any helmet built at home would either not protect enough, or be too sturdy and do more damage than not wearing a helmet would. (spinal injury)

Bike helmets tend to be made from expanded polystyrene foam - easily carved. For cardboard, make sure you're using plenty of good glue (PVA aka Elmer's) L


Actually, real helmets are relatively inexpensive and offer real protection when they are being used to "pretend" being on a skateboard or bike. It is a law in New York that toddlers and kids need to be wearing helmets even when on their scooters. I know that helmets are really just a formed styrofoam bucket with straps and you could make it yourself, but it's one of those things you just buy with a tested design. If you want to create costume helmets, for theatrical or non-sports activity, them there are instructables like "halo armor", etc that you can search on. Good luck.