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How to make a shelter or small log cabin out in woods? Answered

Hi how to make a small shelter or log cabin in the woods
wanted to make one

because sometimes get stuck out there
without shelter except for umbrella or body covering
and sleeping bag and when stuck in rain 
it really sux

would like to make small one and hidden off beaten
track...so others don't destroy it..if possible

i'm a first time builder on this
only idea I had so far
was to make a temporary roof
i can move around
with me
out of paddle pop sticks
and metal soda cans
that I get from
homeless food van

I was thinking I could cut the cans and flatten them over glued paddle pop sticks
to be like a temporary roof

but not sure how to build a very small cabin frm scratch
any ideas on this and how I do it if possible
am in a national park sometimes
so I know slightly illegal to
build maybe or break trees or branches
..but it's just for personal use to stay warm
any help appreciated ..and sincerely sorry for asking here.


thanks to all for any ideas..much appreciated..deeply sorry for asking this here..don't mean to offend people..just looking for answers..since I'm not in good situation

lol, sounds more like you just need to invest in a tent and figure it into your pack weight.


3 years ago

If you really want a warm shelter, dig yourself a hole, deep enough to sit up in and cover it with a tarp with some branches to keep it stiff. Don't burn anything while your in it and its covered up as you could die from the fumes. Of course since its automatically camouflaged by all the sticks and such it could just double as your grave if you smoke yourself to death while in there. Carbon dioxide is heavier than air so a hole can fill up with it. Just be like a fox and don't light anything.


3 years ago

I like wheeled RV trailers... Easy to move.

I would suggest going on youtube and watching videos on bushcraft shelters as well as lashing videos ( thats where you tie logs together). It may not be portable, but it would blend in well

Did you hit enter enough?

Very small, lightweight and portable cabins are called tents these days ;)