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How to make a simple USB Hardware ? Answered

How can i create a basically usb hardware ( input/output like a Button and a LED ) and connect that to my PC. so when i press the Button (on the board) , a code runs ( run a program or .... ) . and when a code runs on the pc , the LED light on. I think it'll a simple project, but i asked it and people replied me that i have to make a driver for this device, but i dont know what i have to do :(


Thank you for reply.
but i dont know how can i start it ! because i'm new.
can you send a Complete Guide link ?
Please, I didn't work with the Chips and Programming for it and i have to do this project :(

For a simple device (parallel input/output only) check the FT245 family by FTDI. E.g. FT245R

For a key press on an external device to do something on a PC (starting a program ...) you will have to write your own program/service based on the USB driver for the respective device.

Come to think of it, the FT232 has lights you can blink, and you could read back the serial status lines.

Simplest method - use an Arduino Leonardo.
Next simplest method, use an AVR with a USBstack on chip.

Drivers for both are available readily.

In order for you to make a USB device with a button that the PC can detect you will need the hardware that can communicate through the USB protocol. You will also need a set of drivers so the PC can recognize the device and know how to use it. For this you need an understanding of computer programming and how Windows handles drivers. Then you can create the program that will run once the button is pressed. This kind of thing is NOT an easy or simple project.

But if all you want is an LED flasher powered off USB that is easy.