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How to make a small round warm white LED light please? Answered

This may have been asked in a different format if so please accept my apologies.

I have bought some cheap Tilly/Storm lamps that would normally be filled with parafin and have the materail wick lighted to achieve the glow of the lamp.

I would like to replace the liquid based light with a set of warm white leds.

I've also bought a small round adhesive/stick on plastic light unit to try and understand how they work.
Having opened it think this will suit my needs in the Tilley lamp.
Pressure downwards on the top surface of the light unit switches the LEDS on and pressure released switches them off.
The power for this light unit is from 3 x AAA batteries.

I would like to either make my own 3 LED light unit from parts but what items do i need and where do I get them from
understand how to replace the bright white LEDS in the light unit I've bought  for warm white ones but how do I do this?

I believe that the length of the two stalks comming out of an LED indicates + and - but is the longer one +?

Also when it comes to the small triangular shaped circuit board on the original how do I tell the + from the -?

Any help will be very much appreciated as these Tilley Lamps/Storm Lights would look good in the garden at night as well as inside.

Many thanks,


My son just bought an LED tilley off Ebay I think, there, the LEDs are a cluster surrounding where the wick went.

I will take a look around ebay to see if I can find one.
Just hope it's cheap as the Tilleys only cost me £2.50 each.

I thought I wasn't the first to think of this convertion. :)

Thank you for the suggestion,



Thank you for this.

I would still like to adapt the one I have but will take a look at the ebay item as see if I can learn how to do it from that.

Many thanks,

Hi Bern,
You ALSO need to add some kind of reflector to kick the light out sideways.