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How to make a thermoelectric cooler? Answered

i like to make a thermoelectric cooler to cool my room , pls provide details how to make it and how fast the cooling happen, also its advantages & disadvantages


To make the right and well featured thermoelectric cooler, you should to use the best TEC controller in it. TEC controllers can help to regulate the thermal load temperature easily by controlling the direction and magnitude of the current going through the TEC. To know more about Thermoelectric cooler, you can visit http://www.analogtechnologies.com/tec-module.html

OK I will offer some thought of mine on this subject.

Cooling the entire bed room is wasteful so just blow a cool breeze under the bed sheet.

A simple computer box fan in a wood trunking to direct the air in at the bottom of the bed should do it. - Keeping cool is more a matter of moving the natural sweat away rather than having a lower temperature - We are actually tropical animals and don't perform well in cold temperatures anyway

If that isn't cool enough then blow the air over some ice packs - I bet a couple would last all night.

Energy wise if this was a good idea you would see lots on sale and you don't. Hang a wet sheet up and blow air across it it should drop the temp by around 10 deg C as long as the sheet is wet.

And the humidity is low... My mom and dad used to recount how when he was stationed at China Lake in the early 1950s, they lived in a little trailer out in the desert, and that was how they kept my oldest brother, a baby at the time...cool. I tried it for a while in our sometimes unbearable late June heat, but it not only gets hot, but humid, and all it does is make it worse, although it feels good for a short duration before the air becomes saturated..

Remember, a thermoelectric element is a (not highly efficient, nor very powerful) heat pump. It moves heat from one side to the other. To use it to cool something, you need to provide a thermal barrier between the two sides. Essentially, you wind up reinventing the air conditioner.

Simper and probably cheaper and more effective to just use an ordinary air conditioner. Assuming your room has a window that you can mount one in.

Purchase a bunch of Peltier devices, bond them to a heat exchanger, build a power controller, add a fan on the inside and a fan on the outside, install into window and away you go!

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