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How to make a toy with spring that will make people laugh? Answered

I need to make a science toy.It has to be funny and make people laugh.Atleast one spring has to be used.It has to be creative and durable.


I suggest that you first visit Wikipedia to learn about the different types of springs. From there you can look at the articles for each type and the examples they give. You may see something that inspires you.

These Instructables explain how to make a simple yet impressive toy with a torsion spring.

Then there is the ever-popular mousetrap-car project, which also uses a torsion spring.

Rattlesnake eggs (torsion spring/rubber band or re-design for a different spring). Jumping butterfly-one set of wings are the propeller, the other are the flight wings, let it go and it flys away. Snapping jaws-like a mouse trap, or a 'mesquito trap' built like a bear trap. Returning barrel-a weight and a rubber band inside a can cause a barrel to return to you if pushed away, could be modified to power a toy car. The rubber band powered bristle bot : )

You know those things with lids, that spring things out when you take the lid off? L

Sounds like a homework project. I'm thinking a jack-in-the-box.