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How to make an old fashion music box mechanism Answered

I am wanting to make an old fasion music box and actually make the music mechanism. I'm not finding anything on line to tell me how to do this and wondered if any of you kind people could help me out.


I saw a set of "combs" on the market last week, and I almost bought a couple... L

Thanks for your help I will try that. I am trying to come up with an idea for a class I'm taking for Mechanical Maintence.

Designing as I type... You need a rotating cylinder, with pegs that play the notes... Let's have a length of thick wooden dowel, being turned by a sinple handle on one end. Into the dowel, we place small screws or nails, sticking out slightly. Next, we take a row of hacksaw blades, each of a different length, placed so that they almost touch the turning dowel. Turn the handle, and as the dowel turns, the screw or nail heads will catch on, and twang, the hacksaw blades, playing notes.