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How to make ethanol? Answered

Im looking over and over the web and i don't find a guide of how to make ethanol.
i need this for my science project dedicated to the green world.
Im trying to make ethanol as a fuel to produce mechanical energy.
not for my car.

any help will be appreciate.
at mj_ion20@hotmail.com
subject: how to make ethanol.



.  I have a hard time believing that you have done ANY searching on how to make ethanol - "How to make ethanol" works wonders at Google for me.
.  But on the off chance that you can't get Google and your web search engine flopped at ethanol, try searching for "How to make ethyl alcohol" and/or "How to make moonshine".

What have you found so far ? There are some syntheses that work, and of course the classic method.