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How to make handhelds out of consoles? Answered

Hi I want to make handelds out of gaming consoles like the Sega Master ( for better quality than a game gear), the SNES, the Colecovision, the Intellivison, the Atari 7800 and maybe the Atari Jaguar to name a few. Basically, I want to make a collection of portable consoles. Can somebody help me find tutorials or anything?

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mpilchfamilyBest Answer (author)2012-06-24

Best you can do is open up the units and see what you can do to make the case smaller and integrate a screen of some sort. The most common screen used in mods like this are the ad don screen for Sony's PS1 consoles. Then you'll want to integrate a controller can into the case and find a suitable power source to run it all.

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