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How to make mouse restrainer? Answered

Can someone know how to make a mouse restrainer? To hold mouse for tail vein injection.


You could try duplicating a Broome restrainer. Picture here (or google Broome restrainer): http://www.fishersci.com/ecomm/servlet/fsproductdetail_10652_1475427_29104_-1_0

The Broome's sold by scientific supply houses are also clear acrylic, but if all you need access to is the tail veins PVC pipe should work. It is cheap, and easy to cut & drill. The squared end is just to keep it from rolling, which could be accomplished by glueing or clamping the finished restrainer to a small rectangle of wood. Please note that there are air holes in the nose end, which may not be obvious in the pictures. If you are only dealing with one size of mouse, the design can be simplified by trading the sliding plug for a simple cap on the end.

Does having a square ends will limit its ability to turn the mouse to the lateral side for access to the lateral vein?

It should not be a problem if you make the square end the same diameter as the round tube. Then you can flip it 90 degrees as needed. The cap should have a large hole for the tail. There is also typically a slot cut into the tube and cap (or plug for adjustable models) to give greater access to the mouse or rat.

Thank you so much:) I will try to make on this weekend.

On the other hand after a little thought how about this?

The purpose of the mouse restrainer is to hold the mouse steadily so that tail vein injection can be performed. and both the hands of the operator is free to perform the injection because the tail vein injection needs to be performed meticulously and without any big movement from the mouse that can damage the tail.

I found online a same replica, which my senior may have made following the model but he had since left the company already.

The company wont buy another one with the no budget reason. I wish I can made one so that we dont have to depends one one only whereby we have quite a few users.


But I'm not good at cutting the perplex glass and I have been thinking if we can find raw materials from the lab to make the mice restrainer instead of buying the perplex glass. Something like a syringe & etc. But I just coudnt think of any other alternative/suitable materials that I can use to make the restrainer.

narrow tube just wide enough for a mouse then - Now how does the one handed lab tec hold the tube? Different question!

Most lab technicians I have seen use their left hand - Assuming right hand holds syringe


Unless the question is for a person with poor control of their non-dominant hand?

Or they only have one hand?