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How to make ram pump work inriver? Answered

I need to use it in a river without a water fall and I don't know how to get rid of extra water which pump pumps out... Can pump maybe work in water?


Hi, I was wondering if the ram pump is Dependant on a constant flow of water or if it can easily restart and start again show the initial flow stop and start again. The situation I am thinking of is two tanks, one in the attic and a much larger one in the garden all of the water would be collected via a drain pipe carrying rain water which fell on the roof as the main flow and filtered to the garden tank then with the next rain fall some of the filtered water would be pumped back up to the much smaller attic tank to be used as grey water for flushing toilets. The garden tanks would be used for watering the garden.

What's the point of using it then ? A ram pump pumps water up hill from a fairly low speed running source ! They are usually run immersed....in water.....

Thanks for the answer! Most of them I saw are used in creeks/fast flowing waters and I never saw immersed one..

Think about it: Why CAN'T it work immersed ?

What kind of flow rate have you got available and how much head do you need to pump ?


I wasn't sure about the valve which gets excess water out, that's why I asked...

It's a smaller river (about 5m wide, 0.5m deep) but if required I could maybe build a small dam or something like that. Only thing is that I need to pump it 40m above ram, I don't know how much water could I get.

How fast does it flow - that's the KEY thing for a ram pump.


You may have to sink the pump in the water against the flow of the river. Check this instructable:
Hydraulic Ram Pump

Thanks a lot, I'll check it out.