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How to make rechargeable underwater fishing light (LED - Li-ion battery)? Answered

I want to make an underwater fishing light with LED chips and Li-ion batteries (18650) to make it rechargeable and portable . Like this one
I do not know what should I use , which led chip and which driver ? What I need to make same light in this video?
sorry, my English is bad but i'm sure you will understand me ;)


Check how other simple but waterproof lights are made.
Since you have PVC pipe in your pic go this route if you like.
But finding the right screw caps will be hard.
People here usually do a custom job by fitting a rubber ring on the side of the pipe that seals once the cap screw on, although fully sealed and glued works too.
For the charging use a system similar to the electric toothbrush or include stainless steel charging pins.
Depending on what you want to do under water I would opt for a set of UV LED's instead of the green ones, white I would avoid unless you want to take pictures
Personally I prefer 3 or 5W UV systems, 10W if using a "flood light".
The UV helps to identify what's out there, you will be amased by all the different colors glowing up.

Buy an LED torch, lots are quite small , Seal it inside a PVC tube with a Green window on the end.

Problem solved for probably no more than the cost of the parts.

thank you, you are right!

but I want to build my own one :) and I want to learn my self.

thank you

Also,the expectation of using a "white" LED flashlight with a green filter is about an 80% loss of lumens.