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How to make rocket fuel from easly found ingredients? Answered

I have been looking to make rocket fuel to power a rocket but many use potasium nitrate as a oxider. Can anyone tell me a good oxidiser found in household item(s) that I can use instead of KNO3? (It will work with sugar) Thanks - David.

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sshuggi (author)2011-08-10

Go to Home Depot/ Lowe's/ garden center and find some Grant's Stump Remover. It's about 98% pure KNO3. This site show how to further refine it if you feel that that's not pure enough.

ProTips: The link shows a propane torch being used to heat it. I would not advise using flame to heat an oxidizer... ESPECIALLY don't use a flame when making the actual fuel. Finally, don't do this indoors.

Have fun!

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