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How to make two wires spark?? Answered

Me and my friends made a potato gun and we used a BBQ lighter to make a spark jump between to wires. But i have been trying to make a remote to make it shoot. Every thing works but to get a spark i have to touch the wires together but i need the spark to jump without touching the wires. Anyone know???


Dr. No

11 years ago

Use a transistor hooked up to the outputs on one of those electrified tennis rackets for killing bugs.

Here's my idea for an ignitor. One switch is a safety, the other is the trigger. use 2 9V batteries in series. You can replace the switches with a transistor for microcontroller or remote triggering.


if you do not mind the size of the equipment, you might want to make a spark out of car parts

all you need is a 12v battery

a spark plug , or maybe just two wires

and a car spark transformer

connect a switch between the 12v battery and the tranformer, you can make a single spark through the spark plug (connected of course).


Dude, I can't beleive you brought this up - I've been struggling with almost EXACTLY the same problem for ages. Although I'm not trying to create a spark remotely, I am trying to do it automatically - ie I want to use a microcontroller to send a 'spark now' signal. In my investigations I've tried various methods, but the only one I've come up with is as below. It's not great, or particularly safe. I dissasembled a disposable camera. There are heaps of instructions (and an instructable) on how to make a stun gun/tazer by soldering a wire to each side of the flash tube. When charged up, if you touch the two wires together you get a pretty impressive spark. So how to make it happen automatically? I can control a servo using a microcontroller, so I attached a wooden skewer to a the servo horn. The I taped one flash wire to the skewer, and the other flash wire to a stationary object. So then when i move the servo it touches the other wire and I get a serious bank and spark. I've been looking around heaps, and asking on various forums for ideas on how to make a spark electronically. One person has suggested that american 7-11 stores have a lighter which uses battery power to make a spark. I've tried looking around heaps of tobbaconists for something like that. Let me know if you have any luck with this, and I'll let you know if I do.

I should have mentioned that a standard servo doesn't have enough force to directly push a peizoelectric sparker.

thats pretty noob you need 1000V to make a spart jump 1mm...

Flint striker ;) Its not really wires sparking -- but its a very simple mechanical solution...


11 years ago

what about using a camera flash in some way? explain more about your setup

As far as I know, BBQ ignitors work off of piezoelectricity. So you would probably have to have something to push the button. And maybe you could explain the setup a little better? It wouldn't suddenly change normally.