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How to open Harmon Kardon hk 195 speaker housing.? Answered

 My old computer speakers need to be mounted. I can not open the speaker housing to see where I can drill a hole or put in a screw.  There are two holes at the bottom of the speaker but when I try to pry apart the two parts of the speaker housing enclosure it will not open. Is there a tab or clock or clip inside?


Tried prying off the speaker cover and found that two of the four plugs that hold the cover on had been glued. I had to pry in a gentle, powerful way. Ended up breaking the two glued plugs, but the cover is fine. Four screws hold the speaker on to the speaker body and two hold the front half to back half. Not done yet though as the two plug holes at the top also have screws holding the front and back together. Had to dig out the glue and plug pieces; finally got to the last screw. So in summary, you have six screws holding the two halves together. Four are hidden. Two of the four for the speaker do not hold the body halves together. Speaker has a big magnet/coil. Wires onto speaker have plugs; nice for removal.



Are there any locking tabs in there?  Can you get a good look to see what's in there?

Are there any stickers that might be hiding screws?

You might try super stick velcro if you don't want to chance just drilling into the box.

Wow, thanks for the responses.

No stickers hiding screws, checked again to be sure.

Velcro is not an option, will be mounting them to a surface covered with material in an RV -too much movement to rely on velcro but a good idea.

There are TWO screws under the speakers. I removed them, stuck a screw driver in to open the two parts of the housing. I could get them to open about 1/4 inch. Cannot see inside and can not separate the two pieces toward the top of the speaker.  No screws toward the top of the speaker to release the pieces.

Any other ideas?  I expect locking tabs could be an option but how do I get to them? I tried pushing down on the top of the speaker to see if the tab would release the two parts, no luck, the housing made of hard plastic.

Thanks so much.

.  Ah! Looked them up. I had a pair of vaguely similar speakers and the front grills would pop off, exposing some screws. YMMV.

Thanks so much, I am curious, where did you "look it up" I looked all over the internet and could not find it. 

You are correct, the front cloth cover comes off and there are 4 screws to unscrew, two are on  the actual speaker. There are two screws on the bottom outside back and they also come out.  Then, the front must be eased off, there are two pegs glued in, they may break but they are not crutial.
I mounted the speakers upside down and they work wonderfully.

.  I just Googled " Harmon Kardon hk 195" and then corrected the spelling.
.  Great!

.  Looking under stickers was my first thought.