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How to partition Windows and Linux? Answered

Okay, on my custom built PC, I have Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) installed fully on my 1 TB harddrive. What I would like to do is to partition my harddrive with Windows 7. How may I go about doing this. I have never partitioned like this before. I always had Windows previously installed and then used Ubuntu's built-in partitioning option. However, I also know very little about partitioning in general.
Can anybody please help me figure this out? It would be MUCH appreciated.

(By the way, I would like to allot something like 600 GB to Windows with about 400 GB to Ubuntu)


It might be easier to just back up the Linux data somewhere else, reformat and install windows on a partition and then reinstall Ubuntu on the other partition and restore the data. Win 7 will let you partition the drive during install if you hit the custom install option.

If he decides to go that route, I think he would be better off to install Win7 the usual way and then use the GParted partitioner on the Ubuntu installation disk to set his partitions while reinstalling Ubuntu. Its easier and GParted works great.

I have to disagree. If you give Windows the whole HDD to start with it will spread out and it could cause problems when you resize its partition to install Ubuntu. You might as well size the partitions the first time, especially since Win7's partitioning tool is not hard to use and works, especially if you format the hard drive before creating partitions. That's been my experience at least.

I don't think so, I've installed versions of Ubuntu on at least a dozen machines over time and all of them had been exclusively Windows OS prior to the installation of Ubuntu. Gparted handled the partitioning perfectly, without a single hitch.

K, it sounds like 6 of one, half dozen of the other.


5 years ago

Generally, Ubuntu is designed for dual boot with systems that already have Windows installed, but it can be done with Ubuntu installed first, though it is a little more convoluted.
Insert your Ubuntu installation disk and click your way to the partitioning screen. Then change the size or add to your partitions to whatever you want, However, I recommend you leave the Swap Space partition unchanged.
Install Win7 onto the partition you have set aside for Windows.
Windows will screw up/change/delete the Grub2 boot loader and you not be able to boot into Ubuntu. To correct this, you will have to restore GRUB2.
The instructions for restoring GRUB2 are here: