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How to play old xbox games w/out a hardrive.? Answered

I have a xbox 360s and i want to play starwars battlefront on it without spending barely anything


Here's the official list from xbox for backwards compatibility on the 360. Both Star Wars Battlefront games are on the list, however it states that you MUST have an official Xbox 360 Hard drive in order to play original xbox games (I'm not sure why, but it says so on the link)...

Why doesn't your 360 have a HDD? All games need somewhere to store there game data like saved games don't they? So how are you playing anything with no HDD?

According to your post you don't have a HDD in your Xbox 360. Every game needs a way to save your status in the game and most (if not all) won't play at all unless there is a HDD or memory card available for the save game files. SO how are you able to play any games on a system with no HDD?

it has 4gbs of built in memory but it wont let me play original games without a herdrive

Almost all 360 games will play without a Hard drive (and yes, you save to a memory card or flash drive). For the original xbox games they aren't "compatible" with the flash drives or the memory units, so they made it impossible for you to use the old games UNLESS you have an official XBox 360 Hard drive. (See the link in my original answer).