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How to post a photo on a website like craigslist or E-bay to sell something? Answered

I really need help am so confused.I need step by step instructions on how to put a photo from my digital camera to a website.I want to sell something on craigslist and I need to know how to put a picture on the site.I put the photo I want to use on photo bucket but am so confused on how to transfer from photo bucket to craigslist.I need to know if thre is a simple way to put photos on websites from my computer.People do it all the time so someone please help.PS Also need to know how to downsize my photo to fit a website.



my pictures are on my facebook I need to transfer to my Myrtle Beach SC craiglist please help

 take a pic of whatever you want to sell then download it onto your computer once that is done go to the ebay/craigslist posting page and it should have a text box that you put the info of your item(s) and there should be a upload bar like when you attach a file to an email you click BROWSE on the bar and find the picture that you took of the item and click OPEN and then that will upload to the site and then you click the POST bar and there you go a picture is automatically uploaded to you info on the item and hopefully you get some cash 

.  It depends on the web site. Look for a Help or FAQ page or a link to a users' forum.
.  In many cases, you can use the embed code provided by the media hosting service - as is done with YouTube videos on this site. See below.