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How to present this old branding iron Answered


I have an old horse branding iron from our past family ranch and I want to give it to my son as an hierloom.

Problem is it is about 2 feet tall of quite heavy iron which now has a little rust on it..

I was thinking of chroming it on a wall plaque but the chrome is very expensive.

Any ideas what I could do to make it look nice?




Get a long horn mount. Cross it diagonally with the iron, add some old school hemp rope on one horn and spurs on the other.

Another idea would be some cow hide (look up "tandy leather supply") glued to some reclaimed wood or just the hide mounted on a stretching rack would be good too. If you go with the board I'd hang the short Lasso on one corner and then the brand across the middle and a horse shoe on another corner.

What ever you do I'd stick to three's. That means triangular shapes, three items, that kind of stuff.

Great gift by the way.

I agree in full you should leave the finish as it is.
I particularly like Kitemans idea of the rifle type hanging although I would probably try to get some hide to brand, I especially like the idea of the pyrography.
If he has nowhere to put it on a wall you could use the same ideas but make a mount similar to those used for samurai swords.


7 years ago

Aesthetically speaking, I think I would leave it as is. Its a family heirloom, not a shiny new tool.
Maybe locate an old, weathered piece of wood, like a barn board or even driftwood and mount it to the wood as a wall hanging. You could give the wood and the branding iron a coat of flat, clear polyurethane to protect it from further deterioration.

Exactly how to present it. Well said.

When I first saw the title, I thought cold end first!

Reading it, I would make a rough wooden plaque with two pegs at the top to hang the iron across, like a rifle over the fire.

In the middle of the plaque, actually brand the wood, then maybe use pyrography to add a significant comment or date.

...and I should have read Burf's comment first...