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How to program ATMEL AT89S52 chip? Answered

I'm new in forum.
I buy a DIY Kit Secohmmeter Capacitance Meter Inductance Meter Frequency Meter, but the chip have no code.
The vendor send me a link to download the schematic and the code in C and inn hexadecimal.
But I don't know how to code the chip, the board have UAB_ASP connection.
If anyone already use that kit and know how to code that, can explain how to code the chip?
I attach foto and the code. 
Miguel Rodrigues 



Sadly the 89S52 was a particularly nasty chip to program.

There are other, much better, 8052 chips which you can program with their serial ports. Try and find the NXP P89V51RD2 or the SST equivalent from Microchip.