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How to put off the beeping of a heating pad Answered

I have chronical back pain and I want to bring my heating pad in classes at university. But it makes an annoying beeping when it starts and stops, and I am affraid that's bothering the entire class.

How can I get rid on that sound? I opened it but I really don't know what to do with it now.


It's on a program? Can the program be adjusted?
Otherwise, take it apart and do as frollard suggests.


The thing that beeps will be either a speaker or a piezo element.

You should be able to safely remove a speaker or piezo without ill effect to the rest of the circuit - but any cuts you make, leave enough spare wire that you can resolder it if its bothersome.

To disable a speaker or piezo, cover/fill it with hot glue to dampen the vibrations.

Small speaker
Piezo speaker