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How to quiet my neighbour's loud music? Answered

My next door neighbour has a bad, annoying and rude behavior playing his music loud while I'm sleeping fairly early in the morning and in the evening, around 8 or 9, when I'm trying to relax. I need a device or a circuit to disrupt the sound momentarily or that will deliver a low but irritating high frequency squeal to transmit via his stereo speakers without hurting him or his equipment.



Hello, I seem to have the same problem. I live in apartments, been here 3 years no problems... about 6 months ago a young kid in his 20's. same age as me, probably few years younger. moved in with his girlfriend.. had no problems for the first few weeks. no bass, no slamming doors. but now they've lived here quite awhile. they feel very, lets say welcomed to doing what they'd like. I've complained to office, on 3 different occasions all in the same week. the women in the office didn't help needless to say. sure they'd gave em a warning. well it happen to stop for a good month or 2. starting last week sometime, hes back back to playing his bass around 7:30AM-8:00AM... boom, boom, boom, boom. mind you I'm upstairs and sound travels... its getting very aggravating. I've tried to leave a note on his door to please keep music down in the AM. think that could of also stopped it. but now its a unresolved problem again. anyways, I'm done with playing nice neighbor. office doesn't care, calling the police for a sound problem sounds a little irrelevant. wasting their time. anyone know of something to do?? should I call a district manger, the people who own the apartments or.. idk, cause I've had it up to high water with it. and I do not need to slip up one morning an go break this guys door down.

The problem if you report them is that they may end up vandalizing your place. That's a real concern where I live :0(

Perfect!!!Perfect! LOL !!!I am having the same prob and have been thinking of playing opera and polka music back at them (and yes, I have asked nicely if they could turn down their music)

If you're in the UK, its an offence to make loud noises like that, and the local Environmental health people have the right to forfeit the offending equipment.

It Is Only My Opinion, But 8-9 AM Is Not That Early, And In A Lot Of Places (At Least In The U.S.A.) As Long As It's Before Dark, It Is Perfectly Legal. However, Being An Audio And Lighting Rental Business Owner, And Playing In Bands Most Of My Life, Where I Am From, If Someone Complains, No Matter What Time Of The Day Or Night It Is, IT IS AGAINST THE LAW AND THE POLICE WILL FIRST GIVE HIM A WARNING, THEN THEY WILL ARREST HIM. But Before You Do That, Ask Yourself If That Drastic Of Measures Are Warranted. I Have A Neighbor That Does This Randomly Anytime But Mainly Between 2-7 AM Every Weekend, But I Work Weird Hours So It Does Not Really Bother Me. Just Remember... If Unless It's"That Bad" Or "Killing You", You Do Live Next To This Person, So Keep That In Mind, Before You Make Any Harsh Decisions. Deni

Wait until they leave the house, then break in and smash the stereo. Or you could call the police on him...either way would work

Have you tried asking him nicely?

Unless he uses wireless speakers, you're out of luck.


9 years ago

can't help with the device... i would go to the police, and report him for disruption of the peace.