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How to remove Candle Wax from Eye Glasses?? Answered

My wife dropped her eye glasses in a candle with melted wax.

She attempted to scratch it off but can’t remove all of it and probably scratched them somewhat.

I was thinking maybe dipping them in some boiling water to melt the wax.

Anyone have any other ideas?



Best Answer 7 years ago

I recommend you skip the hot stuff and put the glasses in the freezer. Let them get good and cold and use a toothpick to loosen and pick he hardened wax off. It may take a couple of cool down sessions but it should allow you to get most of the wax off. Then clean the residue off with rubbing alcohol and buff with a soft cloth.

Mission accomplished!

The frezzer trick did a good job of making the wax brittle enough to scrap most of the wax off. However, there was still a good bit of a waxy film.

Went directly to the kitchen sink and got the water really warm. The wax came off fairly easily.

Since I did the frezzer trick first, I'll never know if the warm water would have worked off the bat. Unless this happens again. I'm hoping not. :)

Thanks for the ideas!

For best answer, I guess I'll have to go with Burf since that is the route I took first.

Tried asking your optometrist or opthamologist yet? I'd expect them to be the ones who would be most familiar with what the different kinds of lenses (and coatings) will or won't put up with.


7 years ago

Try hot water first. If that doesn't do it, try a commercial cleaner designed for wax, like Goo Gone. An ultrasonic cleaner might also work.

Go Gone sound like it might do the trick.

But since I don't have any, maybe I'll try some WD40 first and if that doesn't work, I'll try the hot water trick.

I'll let you everyone which worked the best.

I just read something about removing candle wax that made good sense.

The suggestion was to put it in the freezer until the was get very hard and then just break it off.

We'll see.

Be careful with any cleaning products designed to remove hydrocarbons such as wax -- the lense is made of essentially the same stuff, and may melt. Try warm/hot soapy water first.

Also beware that really hot or nasty chemicals may remove the anti-glare or tint coatings on the lenses, so start as gentle as you can.

If the frames are plastic be very careful with them or they will distort. My eye doctor uses hot salt or sand to heat the frames to shape them.

Very hot water should do the job ok, I had a similar problem a few months back & used hot not boiling water to remove the vast majority of it, there was a small residue left but I polished tham with a lens cloth & they were as good as new.
They also had the small advantage that one of the lenses did not mist up when I came in from the cold for about two weeks :-)

sounds like the right solution.