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How to remove decals or painted letters on a mirror? Answered

How to remove mirror decals?  I want to remove a couple of letters that appear to have been decaled or painted onto the mirrror.  I'm only concerned that if I try to remove them, that there may not be a mirror reflection behind the decal.  Has anyone had any experience with this, and if removable, what did you use to take them off?


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TinkerJones79 (author)2017-09-22

1. Carefully scrape stickers/tape off part with a straight razor blade.

2. Apply WD-40, Goo-gone or gun oil and scrub mildly to remove residual tape/sticker adhesive.

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grayhairguy (author)2017-08-16

Goo-Gone works well on stickers and sometimes paint. A plastic scrapper blade will avoid scratching the face of the glass mirror. These look like safety razor and fit in safety razor holders.

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SavingGreyce (author)2017-08-06

I've used cooking oil/olive oil to remove stickers and labels from things. Dab oil all over the thing you want to remove then gently rub it with your finger. You might have to let it sit for a little bit, depending on the surface area of the decal.

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rickharris (author)2017-08-05

The mirror surface is on the BACK of the mirror.

If the deacls are on the front you have NO problems.




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