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How to remove epoxy resin on clothing? Answered

Hi people!
I have spilled resin (for crafting) over a pair of jeans and now it makes a hard spot where the resin has cured. I think I've ruined the trousers (obviously...) but I've seen someone on another thread saying that to remove epoxy you just have to heat it. But does it work on cured epoxy resin? That has been in the washing machine more than once?
Thanks for your answers :)

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steveastrouk (author)2014-05-07

"Domestic" Epoxies disintegrate when exposed to heat more than ~100C and they really don't like steam.

Try applying a steam iron.

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iceng (author)2014-05-06

Don't get epoxy on your clothes in the first place, use an apron most cooks, welders and resin formulators do.

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mpilchfamily (author)2014-05-06

Best way to get rid of it would be to cut that section out. Heating it may work but the temps you would need would destroy the pants.

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