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How to remove push-in, push-out oven knobs Answered

I need to gain access to my NEFF oven operation/temperature selectors but to do this I have to first remove the push-in/push-out knobs. How do I do this? I have taken the top of the oven off but it is not apparent how to remove the knobs as there are no obvious screws to be removed.

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Josehf Murchison (author)2018-02-26

You should be able to just pull them off and then there is two screws behind the knob to remove the control.

There is more in these Instructables.



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Naff18 (author)Josehf Murchison2018-02-27

Thank you for your speedy response and instuctables. I had no luck with trying to pull them off. The knobs are such that you push them in to recess them flush with the panel and you push them in again to release them. Any more advice will be appreciated.

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Jack A Lopez (author)Naff182018-02-27

I have often read these promises that any advice will be appreciated.

But is that true, even if the advice turns out to be redundant, or even bad advice?

I mean, what I was going to suggest was that you try pulling harder.

By the way, have you ever heard of a tool called a, "slide hammer"?


It is a tool that can exert very large, often destructive, pulling force... provided there is a way to attach it to the thing to be pulled loose.

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