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How to remove solder (my country don't sell desoldering pump or copper wick)? Answered

I found some old circuit and it's full of useful electronic components, but I have no idea how to remove them. I will be thankful to anyone who can help me remove without using desoldering pump or copper wick (I tried to look for them but I can't any, buying online is to expensive because of the shipping cost).


If the leads on the electronic component are rather long,

then you can use a long sharp paring chisel ( like for woodworking)

and sever the leads on the component side of the board.

Just work carefully , like you're a brain surgeon. You don't need

a hammer with the chisel. Just a bit of hand pressure on the chisel

should be enough to cut through a lead.


4 years ago

A simple way is to heat until the solder is molten and then whack the board on the desk to shake off the solder. Crude but effective.

Sadly, my board is too big so when I whack, it harden ¬¬"

Make your own copper wick. Assuming you have rosin flux available any stranded copper wire will do the trick. The key to a wick is the flux though as that is what draws the solder up into the wick.

Check your local shops for any kind of a suction bulb. It's not ideal but you can use a suction bulb made to suck the snot from a babies nose. You will let it and quickly ruin it but it is an option. Also if you have a can of air you can heat the solder up and try blowing it off. If all else fails you can check out my Extreme Desoldering instructable list on the right hand side of this page. Be warned that meathod has a nasty habit of damaging parts if your not careful.