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How to repair my headphones, when the wire colors don't match ? Answered

here's the problem, My headphones broke due to lame construction, so i decided to fix them myself like i usually do. but this time I'm lost.

each headphone cup has two sets of wires. Both are have one Yellow (Y) and one Red (R) however the wire coming from the audio jack has something different. it has Yellow, Red, Blue(B) and Green (G)

I've connected Y to Y, R to R on one cup, And B to Y and G to R on another. only one cup works. I've tried switching G and B places, however still, only one cup works. can someone please help?


Where did this audio jack come from? With 4 different wires it sounds like a cable from an old set of iPhone compatible headphones with an inline remote. Does the audio jack have 2 black rings or 3?

You'll need to do a continuity check on the wires and connectors. See what part of the connector each wire is attached too. The tip of the connector is typically your left, first ring is your right and the base is the ground. If your connector has 3 black rings it's an iPhone compatible connector. In which case the tips is left, next ring is right, next ring is ground and the base of the connector is the data pin which you won't use with your headphones.

no it's no and Iphone headset. it's a beats by dre Chinese knock off. is there anyway to check it without striping the plastic on the audio jack ?

You don't need to strip the jack. As MPilchFamily said, you check continuity. Use your multimeter (or a light bulb and battery!): put one probe tip on the end of the jack, and see which of the four colored wires is connected to it using the other probe tip. Then move to the bit of metal between the black plastic rings, and do the same. Then move the the tip to the metal above the second plastic ring, and do the same.

Use a continuity tester to check the connections. Rest is easy.