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How to reverse/invert/mirror a computer screen?(not rotate) Answered

Hey guys. So I'm working on a project, but I need to know how to reverse my computer screen as if it was in a mirror.
That way, when you hold up a mirror to the computer screen, it appears normal.
I've dug through many articles on the web, and I couldn't find anything that worked that hadn't been taken down.
Does anyone have any software that could do this?


Already googled it, dude. You seriously think I'd ask on a forum before I just googled it? I mean making the screen appear the way it would in a mirror.

In the old days there were a few graphis card drivers that supported this, mainly for pure testing purposes only.
Best way might be software based like with a filter in the video player...

Yeah I think the only reasonable way, using Software, would be a filter ( in Python?)

otherwise grab 1 or 3 mirrors and try to get the Angle you need !