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How to roll a building Answered

If you want to move a building a little over to the side and, oh, upside-down, then it looks like all you have to do is set off explosives on just one side. That's what it looks like what happened in this video in Turkey, anyway. Wish it also included what led up to this amazing building barrel roll.



Do the barrel-barrel roll!


8 years ago

Thats pretty amazing

i read there was no explosives involved, chuck norris round housed kicked the support beams to the face, the reason it building didnt go flying was chuck was feeling merciful that day

chuck had lent on the wall on the other side

I suppose one can not say that Rick did this? ;-)

Secondary: In the days of vinyl, it was amusing to find that slowed-down (45 to 33rpm) Kylie sounded exactly like Rick Astley... L

That's one of the best things I've ever heard.

I can imagine the town officials inviting Rick to push the button....


That is an epic strong building! I'm impressed! Wonder if anyone tried to climb up inside of it while it's upside down?

Wow! They are very lucky it didn't roll right into the buildings next to it.

Something has defintly gone wrong

Wow. I want this architect to build my next house.

LOL I saw this on the news. Epic PHAYLE

That was the most epic fail in the history of forever!!

Amateurs, don't know how to pancake a building right.

But apparently, someone knew how to build a sturdy building!


8 years ago

Katamari Damacy. IRL.

*facepalm* If in doubt, apply more explosive...


8 years ago

I SAW THIS ON THE NEWS Stupid turkish destruction crews that didn't do stuff correctly. I'm Turkish as well.

that was on failblog!

If you look at the start of the video you can see they deeply undercut one side of the building like they're trying to cut down a tree. Gah! I can't imagine working on that. If they had rounded off the top corners of the building it would have rolled a mile!

Yes, the amount of undercutting says "obviously wrong" to me. You'd think someone might have asked "why is it still standing?" and some other guy might have said "you know how many days we spent hacking at that - it's bloody tough stuff! It'll fall over but you're not going to end up with rubble..." L

No it wasn't meant to do that! Not much more info here but English language commentary.