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How to safely store powerful rare earth magnets? Answered

I have several very powerful rare earth magnets that I use in a physics laboratory to construct DC motors. Accidents happen frequently, especially when taking out and storing the magnets. 

Right now I just use some plastic separators in between each one, but even then the magnets tend to fly off and grab onto another, usually taking with them some skin.

I've been thinking of making a box to hold them. Can anyone think of a good design or materials?

Thank  you.

PS. Yes, I've asked my class to come up with a method. Nothing great so far  :)


Get a large styrofoam cube. Cut it in half. Carve the shape of the magnets into it with a hot knife. Cut out two 1" wide, 2" high, and 1" long blocks from the bottom section and glue to the mirror side on the top section. Done.


7 years ago


Covering them with duct tape works well... it gives a good cushioning effect and prevents major pinches to your skin (and damage to the magnets as they collide). It really doesn't dampen their magnetic abilities and provides a safer, softer shell.

I made packcloth sleeves for a bunch of powerful (although probably nor rare earth) magnets. It protects them somewhat and the surface they contact. The tube was more than twice the length of the magnet, once the magnet was sewn inside, I sewed the two ends together - making a handle for ease of pulling it free of whatever it was stuck to.

how big are we talking about? Wood comes to mind, as does thick aluminum. Keeping the magnet permenantly attached to a 'handle' of wood might keep fragile fingers away from the doom.