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How to secure metal shaft into bearing with larger ID? Answered

A question for mechanical gurus :)
I'm building motorized Igus camera slider based on Kokomonstrum design.
I have a shaft that's 1/4" OD that needs to go inside bearing block that has bearing with ID of 5/16". I know I need some kind of bushing, but ones I bought at McMaster don't fit bearing opening (even tho they are 5/16 OD). What are my options? Tape wrapped around shaft? Epoxy? Can't think of anything else :(



Best Answer 6 years ago

Heat the bearing in boiling water ( in a plastic bag if iron ) and
put the bushing in the freezer then try fitting it together.



6 years ago

Thank you guys for your suggestions, it helped me to find a solution. I found some bronze bushings of the right size in Lowes and was able to evenly file down outside edge (with use of drill press and a file) so it now fits into the bearing!

I don't see why a 5/16 bush doesn't fit the hole ? Have you measured them with a vernier ? What is the bush made of ?

bush is plastic (PEEK). Yeah I measured: bearing ID is 0.312", bushing is 0.317"

Being plastic, I'm going to suggest its designed to be knocked in, so its a bit bigger than you'd expect.