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How to send a gift to another kid in school without actually giving it to them? Answered

OK. So I have a box, a little bigger than a piece of paper. I want to give said box to somebody in 6th period on the last day of school. I have 5th period with said somebody, and they are usually pretty much last out of class. I want to give this box to them, but not actually be there, and I want it to be the end of the day. My original idea was to stuff it in their band locker... But... We won't be using those for the rest of the year. Then I thought, what if I was to beat said somebody out of class, run to their sixth period, and tell the teacher they left it in another class, all in time to make it out without them seeing me? I would probably have a timeframe of less than a minute to talk to this teacher, but I don't know... That would be cutting it pretty close, and what if they were the first out of the class then? Then I would be screwed. I may be able to convince a teacher to help me out, like maybe hold said somebody back on the last day to give me more time. I don't know. Any ideas?



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Address the box to the "target", label it urgent and personal, then take it to the school's main office at lunchtime - tell them you found it dropped in the school yard, but you don't know who the addressee is.

They will then unwittingly deliver the package for you.

Wow Kiteman... That's a good one. There is only one flaw- getting them to deliver it during 6th period...... And also, how would I conceal it until when I "found" it... I bet I'll figure it out soon. Thanks! :) P.S. I'd select you as best answer, but I don't want to discourage other idea-ees (is that a word?) so you are crowned "Best Answer So Far."

Keep the package in your bag, take it to the office near the end of fifth period and tell them you found it in the corridor,

Ooooh... Maybe on the way to sixth period. Good idea! I'll probably make the box myself and doublewall it so it won't crush in my backpack. Thanks!

Too late. I took Kiteman's advice. And I specifically said I didn't want to hear 'you're too young.' That's beside the point.

why cant you just give it to them?

It kinda sounds like he/she has a crush on someone or is gonna black mail them. If its a crush then get to class you have with them really early put it on there desk then leave and come back later then act like nothing happend.

Sounds like a good idea to me, but getting the teacher to help might be a little hard. They tend to ask questions, ya know? You know the teacher better than I do, so you can be the judge, but maybe having a friend of yours or somebody hold up your mark so you can drop the box off to the 6th period teacher. Good luck!

My main problem it seems isn't beating them to the room, it's getting the teacher to take the bait in time for me to get out... Maybe say I'm in a real hurry, have to help my teacher do something... I'm just looking for alternative ideas now.