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How to sense motion in sleep using accelerometer and Arduino Duemilanove ? Answered

I want to make an alarm clock that will monitor the motion of a person in sleep, and will trigger when the person is in motion.
i have the code but i need the hardware and schematic....
the code is as follows:



If you're copying his project, the code shows the pin allocations he used, and the sensor types. The rest is just plumbing.


thank you for your interest, but i am running short of time and our cruel professors need it quick, so i just need some help, i am working on reverse engg though, but any help would be appreciated

Oh, so this is homework that you're pinching off somebody else, rather than creating for yourself?


I have already invested a lot of time in this...and it's not pinching off someone.... It's just asking for help.... Say like guidance... Thanks

Yeah, he says he'll post the circuits when he gets round to it.


He might post more quickly with a polite request?

I can't in conscience copy someone else's work without their permission.

i have tried with all kindness but he might be busy...

Even i want to make this alarm clock.
But i am not a pro in eletronics so cant come up with a schemetic.The author Loic Royer is also not replying.
Can anyone please make a schemetic for this clock.