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How to show multiple videos at once? Answered

Ive seen some commercials where there is a video composed of dozens of smaller videos. They do not form any image, they simply show next to each other. How can this be achieved? What software is necessary? BTW, I noticed the tech section of the forums is gone. WHat happened?


Did you see the recent voyager mix up? (thinks that might be where you saw it) Anywho, smart is correct, this kind of effect is normally done in final cut pro, which is the industry standard (aka expensive). There is adobe aftereffects.. but again, expensive.

I want AFFTEEREFFECTS!!!!! That one is my dream software! But I feel that if I buy it, the use I give it wont justify what I paid for it. It';; probably go to some stupid vids with me and my friends... I'm gonna work this summer, so I might be able to buy some good Video editin software. Hmmm, Ima make a forumtopic bout that.....

Fear not - it isn't gone...it just must not be showing up in the options.

I know this effect can be achieved using final cut pro but I think hat is only for macs and it's very expensive if you buy it. There are "other" ways to get it though... I diddnt notice the tech section had gone ! Probbaly a bug