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How to silence the buzzer on my microwave oven? Answered

No visible mechanical buzzer. Seems to be one of the little boxes that is attached to the circuit board. I know nothing about electronics. Don't want to kill myself or ruin the microwave, but that damn buzzer is driving everybody crazy! Help!


is there a black plastic cylinder with hole or a black plastic disk with hole standing on side ? cover hole with electrical tape to reduce noise and to see if it really is the buzzer if it is the buzzer but you really want to disable it continue look under the board. find the 2 entries of the buzzer (the black cylinder) there are metallic lines going to them atleast one of them should go only to the buzzer and end at its entry (ie no other component needs this track). make sure it does not continue on the other side of the board scratch it with a thin sharp screw driver near the buzzer entry untill it is void be carefull not to damage anything else the buzzer can be restored by soldering the line back together

Thank you for your reply. Yes, there is a black plastic disk standing on side. Hole on one side, then the whole other side is open. I would like to nearly silence it, but I put tape over it and that didn't affect the sound at all. So that leaves disabling it entirely as the other option. Not sure what you mean by "under the board." The board is attached vertically to the control panel of the microwave. To get under it it looks like I would have to break the plastic posts that hold it there. The microwave is on loan from someone and I don't want to wreck it. Any way around this? THanks!

you can wrap more electrical tape over the open side too now that you are sure that it really is the buzzer you can cut one of the wires that go from the board to the back of the buzzer

Well, I wasn't really sure it was the buzzer; it was just the item that best matched your description. But I was able to remove some screws and take the board out, and I could see metallic lines going to what I thought might be the buzzer, and it did indeed have a drawing on the board that looked like a speaker. It did have two metallic lines going to the places where, on the other side of the board, the component plugged in to the board. One line seemed to go to other things, but the other line seemed to stop at the buzzer. But that 2nd line was thick and very short, very close to other components. I tried my best to scrape away that metallic line without hurting anything else, but the buzzer kept buzzing. I ended up putting about 8 layers of tape over the thing, and that dimmed the noise somewhat. Thank you for your advice, I appreciated it.

you can cut it with a very sharp knife instead or discnnect one of the wires that go to the buzzer under the black plastic and when you are experimenting close the cover of the microwave. in some of the microwaves the chamber may be not fully sealed and only with the external box the microwave does not emit radiation out