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How to solder Star LED PCB's in series circuit? Answered

 I need to connect 3 star PCB's with 1 watt power led each in series. Please send a wiring diagram or picture.


 3 star PCB's of ONE WATT each running on 12V DC Driver at 350 mA constant current

wiring instruction needed for series connection only and NOT Parallel

Without answering Mathews question, your question is so badly phrased it can't be answered.
WHICH Star Led ? Or failing that, what's Vf at Ityp.
What Supply voltage ? 

He doesn't have time to answer any questions.  His project is due Friday and he's spent all semester drinkin beer and tryin (failin) to get laid.  Now he's gonna fail the class and it's our fault!

Don't we though.  I just hope we don't loose our "Answerer's  permits".  I worked too hard to get mine!

No worries, if we lose our permits we can just make new ones out of duct tape, Altoids tins, and series-wired star LEDs.

Dude, I can't be bothered to help you help me. Can't you see that I'm way too important for that? The nerve of some people.... Really. ;-D

I think everyone else has pretty much summed up the sentiments I'd share.

Just wanted to "me too" the situation so you understand that it's not just one or two people who find your question confusing due to lack of logical thought in its formulation and are offended at your slackeresque (although predictable) reply to Matthew.

Clue: we don't get paid for answering questions. We do it out of the kindness of our hearts and solely at our own expense, both in time and for those of us who have paid to be members of this site, at our own out-of-pocket expense.

my 2 c

Do you have a datasheet. Look at your supplier's website, or at the manufacturer's.  There will be a pinout for your product on the datasheet.

 I ask a question, and you reply with a question....

Please just send a wiring diagram if you know how to.

Why so angry? I'm just trying to help you.

Odds are, this LED is very simple to connect. Go find the datasheet, find the pinout, then connect it as you would any other LED.

If you are to stubborn to do this, then we can not help you further.

Dude, mathews was trying to answer your question. I suspect that you will get better feedback if you a) provide better information with your question, and b) consider being a little more respectful to the people who are volunteering their time and energy to try to help you for free.
Good luck.